March 28, 2011

The Gods Walk on Rice in Selat, Bali

When I find the time & peace I take my rice-bible and flip through and read bits & pieces in it. I'm looking for inspiration, but even more conformation. My ricecarpets get a different response in the Netherlands then they did in Indonesia. Here they always refer to the fact that it is food and that it's a pity to use it like that, although they like to look at it (and touch it) . For me it's a material, a beautiful, colorful one and the fact that it's food comes on the second place. It makes it a stronger piece of art because it rice and therefore temporary, but it's still difficult sometimes to fight the contradiction.

For me it feels really logical to use rice and at first I used it as a work that had to be eaten by birds. But with the "Dance in a ricecarpet", the rice is no longer food, it's so much more, it's richer, makes layers, gives it depth, sound, movement.
When I found the book "The Art of Rice" I was overwhelmed. The book is devoted to rice, but not as food, as ART. And not only in painting as a subject, but really art made of rice (rice dough, grain, the plant).

On friday 15th of April I'm invited to show the "Dance in a ricecarpet" ones more. When I came across these images, I knew I was on the right track. I know it's not the same, but I know we will create a rare moment in time, the audience will experience something new and special.
In 2009 I found an inspiring image also involving rice (with dance).

The images in this post are taking during the rice festival in Selat, Bali. During a procession, "The Gods Walk on Rice" offers are carried across a pathway made with (un)cooked, yellow or white rice. It stretched up to 350 meters. I really would like to see this in real life, but unfortunate no one hear of it..If you know more about this rice festival and when & where "The Gods Walk of Rice" takes place, let me know!

All photos are from the book "The Art of Rice", my so called rice-bible.

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